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Login ID = NAfME Primary Email
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NAfME members can change login IDs and passwords.  If you have changed either or both, use those for entry into the WMEA Events pages.


Login information is contained in a letter sent to each organization's representative.

(not from Washington)

NAfME-NW 2011 CONFERENCE CALL FOR SESSIONSNAfME Members from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming should log in through the NAfME-NW web site.

(from outside of the Northwest Division)

NAfME-NW 2011 CONFERENCE CALL FOR SESSIONS:  NAfME Members from outside of the Northwest Division should create a non-member log in through WMEA Events page.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:  Call the WMEA office at 800-324-WMEA to register.


You may either join NAfME for full member benefits or create a non-member log in through WMEA Events to register for events eligible to non-members.


Click the "Retrieve lost Login ID or Password" 
link and information will be sent to your e-mail address (that is registered with NAfME)

Note:  If your last name as listed with NAfME has changed (e.g., marriage), please try logging on with your former last name and then change your password as per the instructions.



After logging in, members have online access to:

  • Event Management - This is the location at which you will submit All-State Auditions and Applications, register to attend WMEA Conferences, and submit Calls for Sessions for WMEA Conferences.

  • Directory of Music Educators in Washington - Searchable by name or by school.

  • Regional officers & events - Regional presidents will keep this information up to date

  • Edit your user information available in the online directory - Show or hide your personal e-mail, phone and address.  You can also change your WMEA Login ID and password here.

  • WMEA Yellow Pages - Support WMEA advertisers

  • WMEA Board meeting minutes - Read about decisions made by your elected representatives.

  • WMEA Budget - The board strives to be good stewards of WMEA funds.

WMEA will continue to incorporate additional features for the exclusive use of its members.

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